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IIT-B prof ‘shields’ you from mobile tower radiation

Posted on: September 14, 2012

Source: DNA
Are you worried about health hazards caused by the mobile towers located near your house?
Girish Kumar, a professor from the electrical engineering department of the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay, has made it possible for you to protect you and your home from the harmful radiation.“A person who travels for more than one hour in Mumbai every day is exposed to high levels of radiation 90% of the time,” said Kumar, who keeps a radiation meter, which he has invented, with him at all times.
Among his other inventions, which were mainly for personal use, were special curtains, wallpapers, window films, table-top radiation shields and pocket radiation shields. All these products look so simple that one would never guess that they have been specially made to absorb mobile tower radiation and reduce its ill-effects on humans.
Kumar developed the pocket radiation shield to protect himself from his mobile phone. “The table-top radiation shield needs to be kept around a person. As one shield can intake radiation as much as a human, it distributes the radiation, resulting in less intake by the person,” he explained. “The curtains, wallpapers and window films have a special electronic component, which absorbs the radiation.”
“As per the new guidelines (enforced on September 1), mobile tower radiation has to be 0.92 w/m2, instead of the earlier limit of 9.2w/m2. Though the radiation level has been brought down by 1/10th of its original power, it is still harmful. Even 0.001 of radiation can cause health hazards and can affect the ecosystem,” said Kumar.
He is disappointed with the new radiation norms. “According to them, if there are two mobile towers on a rooftop, then the nearest building should be 35m away. And, if there are 10-12 towers on one roof, the nearest building should be 75m away. But this is not defined properly as the intensity of the radiation does not depend on the number of towers, but on the power of each one.”
“My shields can protect humans and their houses, but what about the ecosystem?” asked Kumar.
To know more about the products, visit http://www.facebook.com/celltowerradiation or http://www.nesaglobal.com.


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