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5 IIT-B students design five wonder products

Posted on: July 21, 2012

Source: Times of India
Five Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) students have during their summer internship designed five products that will be of help in day-to-day life. The prototypes of the patent-protected products designed by second year electronic, mechanical & computer science and engineering students will be displayed at an exhibition and then commercialized.

The students have designed a pregnant belly protection shield, a seat-occupancy and validation reporting system, help in filing complaints using e-governance, a portable water carrier trolley and a two-wheeler which will not start without a helmet. The last product was designed and put up on display at an exhibition by an engineering institute early this year.

The entrepreneur who hired the students for internships, Rajesh Gangar, claimed that version 2.0 of the two-wheeler is ready with automated control of ignition start with the use of sensors and controllers. Sensors will check the helmet position and send a signal to the two-wheeler, which will help the vehicle start. The two-wheeler was designed by Rohan Pillai from the electronic engineering department.

Harsh Sharma, a second year engineering student who worked on the pregnant belly protection shield, said, “We were given the concept and told to work on the product. I started off with thorough research on similar products in the market. The designing and testing have been done by us. We were provided resources by the firm we worked for.” He added that it was a “wonderful experience”.

Vivek Kumar, an electronic engineering student, designed the seat-occupancy and validation reporting system. Nilesh Jagnik, a student of computer science and engineering, developed software to help in e-governance, said the project was very good and they enjoyed their two-month internship. “My software will help the authorities to manage complaints sent in by citizens. They can go back to a complaint whenever required, follow up, and update it when the problem is resolved. It will basically help in e-governance,” said Jagnik.

Bharat Monga, a mechanical engineering student, designed the portable water carrier trolley. Gangar said the water trolley was a complete product and the others needed fine-tuning. “The products can be taken up by companies which have more resources to make them into commodities. We will invite people in the trade. The food & drugs administration may insist on clinical trials for products like the pregnant belly protection shield,” Gangar said.


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