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IIT Bombay up in QS Ranking 2012

Posted on: July 9, 2012

Source:Indian Express

India slips in QS rankings, only exceptions IIT-B, IIT-Delhi.
Most Indian institutes and universities have fared poorly in the QS Asian University rankings for 2012, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, and IIT Delhi being the only Indian institutes that have improved their overall rankings over last year. While IIT Bombay is up by four notches (from 38 to 34 in 2012), IIT Delhi is up from 37 to 36 this year.

QS is one of the world’s leading networks in career and education. Yet again, while no Indian institute has made it to the top 30 in overall rankings, only four have made it to the top 50 among 300 Asian institutes this year.

Last year, five had featured in the top 50. An analysis of rankings from 2009 to 2012 reveals that no Indian institute has made it to top 10 and only one ranked in the top 30 since then (IIT Bombay in 2009).

“It’s not that institutes or universities in India are not doing well. These rankings assess several factors and we tend to lose points on many of these indicators, which include international faculty and international students. Further, while the rankings look at various subjects, IITs and our universities will lose points on a specific subject like medicine,” said a senior academician.

This year, all the other five older IITs have slipped in their overall rankings, IIT Kanpur climbing down the most by 11 places from 36 to 47 this year. While IIT Guhawati is down from 82 to 89, IIT Kharagpur is down from 48 to 56. IIT Madras is ranked at 45, down by two places from last year and IIT Roorkee slipped from 56 to 65. Except Delhi University, no other Indian university, including Mumbai, Pune and Calcutta universities feature in the top 100. All the four have slipped in their rankings.

Mumbai University, for instance has gone down the ladder steadily, from 96 in 2010 to 145 in 2011 and 151-160 this year. While Delhi University is ranked 78, it is down by one point from last year. Like Mumbai, Calcutta University too has come down gradually, from 99 in 2010 and 115 in 2011 to 143 this year. The worst show this year has been put up by Pune University which has been ranked between 191-200 this year.

Besides the overall rankings that covers several parameters like research and teaching, internationalisation, publications etc, QS also ranks the Asian universities by faculty (subjects) and by criterion (like faculty-student ratio).

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has retained the top slot this year in overall ranking, followed by the National University of Singapore in the second position and the University of Hong Kong in the third position.

An assessment of ranking by faculty for “engineering and technology” shows that six IITs are in the top 50, but all have slipped in their rankings.

While IIT Bombay has the best ranking in this criteria at 14 among the other IITs, it is down by two positions over 2011 when it was ranked 12. IIT Roorkee has suffered the maximum loss of nine points, from 41 to 50 this year.

Among the rankings by criteria, none of the Indian institutes could bag a slot in the top 200 for “international students” and “international faculty”. In “faculty-student” too, no Indian institute figures in the top 100. The Indian institutes have performed comparatively better in “academic reputation” and “employer reputation”

For instance, in employer reputation, IIT Bombay is ranked seventh and IIT Delhi and University of Delhi 16th and 17th respectively. The other institutes in the top 50 are IIT Madras (22), Mumbai University (25), IIT Kanpur (28) and Pune University (48). In academic reputation, IIT Bombay (29), IIT Delhi (37), Delhi University (38) and IIT Madras (49) are among the top 50. In papers per faculty too, Indian institutes have done well with IIT Delhi ranking five and IIT Kanpur nine.

Five other IITs are in the top 50 in this criterion -IIT Kharagpur (17), IIT Madras (19), IIT Roorkee (27), IIT Bombay (35) and IIT Guwahati (41).


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