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IIT-Bombay announces E-Yantra

Posted on: July 4, 2012

Source:Times of India
IIT-Bombay today announced the start of E-Yantra – an all India robotics competition. While other competitions expect students to build their own robots, E-Yantra presents them with a robot developed at IIT-Bombay, and expects them to develop solutions to pre-set tasks using these robots. This makes robotics accessible to students across a variety of disciplines.

The overall mission is to grow a rich eco-system of ideas and applications through intelligent funnelling of robotics in daily living built upon an existing pool of knowledge developed by students working on such projects at engineering colleges in the area of embedded systems.

The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) sponsors E-Yantra under the National Mission for ICT in Education (NMEICT) program. The initiative seeks to provide hands-on learning-infrastructure to engineering students who have limited access to labs and mentors.

Traditionally when students wished to do a robotics project, they had to first build a robot. Now they have a commodity robot and an existing open source code base to draw upon to model a sophisticated solution to a problem.

The pan-India E-Yantra challenge is open to all undergraduate students of engineering. Each group will program a given robotic platform to solve a given problem with the given resources in a 12-week duration. The next stage is a National Robotics Competition. This climaxes in a final competition at the IITB Techfest in January 2013.


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