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70 out of 100 JEE toppers opt for IIT-Bombay

Posted on: June 22, 2011

by Hindustan Times

The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) has once again emerged as the first choice for a majority of the 2011 Joint Entrance Test (JEE) top rankers. JEE is the entrance exam for IITs and the IT-BHU Varanasi and ISM Dhanbad. Of the top 100 rankers, 70 have chosen IIT-B as their first prefer
ence from the 15 IITs across the country. Last year, 67 had opted for IIT-B. Of the top 10 rankers, eight, including the top five, are planning to join IIT-B. The online allotment of seats for the first round of admissions was declared on Tuesday.

“It’s the first time we have touched 70. This has been the trend for sometime now where top rankers choose IIT-B,” said Devang Khakhar, director, IIT-B. “An overall assessment such as good programmes, extracurricular activities and placements could have led to this trend. But more importantly, it is the flexible curriculum that we offer, which is unique to IIT-B that makes it most attractive. Students want the freedom to design their course.”

After IIT-B, IIT-Delhi is the next coveted with 24 of the top 100 rankers choosing it as their first choice. In 2010, 24 candidates out of the top 100 had chosen IIT-D. IIT-B is the first choice for most even among the top 100 women rankers; 27 have chosen IIT-B while 26 have chosen IIT-D.

Of the 13,197 candidates, who qualified for IIT-JEE this year, 9,319 have been allotted seats, 943 (10.1% of the total) of them are women and 102 have qualified in the physical disability category.


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