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IIT-B turns to top tech institutes to boost its PhD ranking

Posted on: April 5, 2011

By Indian Express
With a view to identifying gaps in its PhD programmes, the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay is in the process of conducting a review of programmes offered by the top 15 universities globally. It will then adopt the best practices and new ideas wherever possible.

For example, a communication skills course taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) grades students on their persuasive strategy, delivery and handling of questions before a ‘hostile’ audience. Such rigorous communication courses have been identified as one the requirements for PhD students at IIT-B.

An institute-level committee has been formed which will recommend the skill sets required to be gained through the PhD programmes to match global standards, from communication to technical writing to thesis writing.

“Only a few foreign PhD students study at IIT-B. The institute wants to increase the number of foreign students pursuing PhD as well as advertise the programmes across campuses abroad. Before that, we want to overhaul the way PhD students are trained,” said VSK Murthy Balijepalli, general secretary, academic affairs, PG programmes, IIT-B. “Though students have good ideas, some aren’t able to continue as they lack required technical and writing skills to approach research problems,” he added.


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Great to hear this,
thanks for sharing

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