IITB Central Library 2.0 Service

Self Issue/Checkout of Central Library books

Posted on: March 2, 2011

Central Library has set up a Self Checkout Terminal (near existing
Circulation Counter) to facilitate users issue / borrow library books by
themselves by following few simple steps as given below :

1. Look up for pop-up screen on the Terminal for self checkout interface
2. Login with your LDAP userID and password
3. Enter your PIN No.
4. Scan the bar code of a book to be borrowed
5. Press Return key to confirm
6. Repeat step 4,and 5 to issue another book and so on
7. Logout. (It would automatically logout after 30 seconds if remained idle).
8. Swipe all the books on the left side machine platform before taking
them out of the library
9. No need to sign the book card (let it remain in the book pocket). No
need of date stamp.
10. Simply take away the books after getting it checked at the Exit
(Security Counter) of the library.

Steps to set up your PIN No. (PIN can be set up on any machine on the
Institute Intranet)
1. Press “Book Renewal” link on the library home page.
2. Login using your LDAP userID and password
3. Set the PIN and remember it.
4. Logout

Any case of any difficulty, kindly contact library staff at the
Circulation Counter. Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Daulat Jotwani
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


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