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Tech innovations on show at IITB

Posted on: January 8, 2011

By Times of India

MUMBAI: Innovations and at its best have been put up on display at the IIT-Bombay and future innovators across the country were seen swarming the campus.

Be it impressive race cars made by the students themselves or research papers by IIT professors, robots playing water polo or discussions with the best names in the field of technology and innovations, Techfest 2011 has what every tech lover can look forward to.

“We have brought 3D gaming on our campus and to the city for the first time. Every year, we have something that gives innovation a totally new definition,” said Anuj Shah, a second-year student of IIT-Bombay. Day one at Techfest 2011 started with a bang with the display of French software, OpenVibe, through which a computer can be controlled by our thoughts.

“Through this software, electrical signals linked with brain activity can be translated into a command that can be understood by machines. These allow individuals to communicate with a computer or any automated system without using their hands or other movements to activate a button or remote control,” one of the organizers said. K S Pua, the man who invented pen drives, was present on campus for discussion.

It wasn’t difficult to locate the man who invented Google Earth but finding a seat in the convocation hall was a task for many students. Michael Jones, the chief technology officer of Google Earth, interacted with the students.

“There has been a sea change that took place between the time when four of us invented the software till date. Technology makes way for tremendous innovation, one only needs to keep their minds open,” said Jones. Jones was excited about visiting Mumbai for the first time.

Also present at the festival were jumpers and skippers to entertain the public. Friends and jumpers Deepak Panchal, Sailesh Sawant and Rajas Naik, who also own Mumbai’s only BMX shop, were busy displaying their acts to an awe struck audience.

There were also many takers for the show performed by skippers at the Open Air Theatre in the evening. “Every year, the maximum crowd puller is the Robo-Wars contest, where students come up with innovative destruction machines in the form of cars. It is always fun to see the new ideas,” said one of the organizers.

Techfest will go on till Sunday and this year the organizers are expecting the maximum footfall. “Since the festival will conclude on a Sunday, we are bound to have a good crowd this year,” said Shah.


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