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1985 IIT-B batch to focus on innovation and faculty

Posted on: December 27, 2010

by DNA
As the 1985 batch of IIT Bombay got together to catch up with old friends on Friday, the alumni have decided to leave a legacy as a special ‘thank you’ to their alma mater.

As part of its silver jubilee reunion from December 24-26, the former students have set a goal of giving Rs4.5 crore to IIT-B towards promoting technology & sustainable development (T&SD) through academics and entrepreneurship as well as towards faculty. Of this, around Rs2 crore will be presented to the institute on alumni day.

“We had conducted a survey among our batchmates and the areas in which they wanted the legacy project to focus on were entrepreneurship and innovation in the sphere of technology and sustainable development. Faculty members were another focus area. We also sought advice from other batches and the survey results were evaluated by a committee,” said Tarun Bhagattjee, from the 1985 batch.

“There’s an overwhelming feeling that IIT-B needs to be more engaged with the development agenda of India in addressing basic issues such as agriculture, water, and energy security for the common person. The T&SD aspect is more about the methodology by which IIT-B engages in development that benefits society at-large,” he said.

Establishing the ‘batch of 1985 chair-professorship in T&SD’ and creating an ‘IIT-B T&SD business plan competition’ were identified as two key projects.

The chair-professorship is designed to attract or retain a top researcher and teacher in the field of T&SD. The professor is expected to be a catalyst in this area. The batch will give Rs1 crore to this project.

Another focus will be establishing a business plan competition in technology and development. “It will help promote the spirit of entrepreneurship among students as IITians are criticised as being job seekers and not job creators. This could be a capstone event to a year-long Btech project in the final year made of interdisciplinary teams. Around Rs1 crore will be given towards this project,” said Ajay Bhagwat, from the 1985 batch.


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