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IIT-Bombay develops fastest data centre

Posted on: December 20, 2010

The data centre services, say experts, will form the backbone of information systems and information technology (IT) and a group from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay’s Gigabit Networking Laboratory have developed an indigenous technology for the first time, which is being adopted by the industry.

According to experts, a data centre is a facility used to house very dense computer systems and associated interconnection components.

Since IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organisational operations, high-speed, reliable infrastructure and security are a must and these features are provided by the centre. “We have now developed the world’s fastest and cheapest data centre. Unlike bulky data centres, ours has the footprint of a pizza box. We have filed for a US patent. What is most significant is that it is the first time that a technology has been fully developed in a lab in India for the telecom industry,” said IIT-B professor Ashwin Gumaste, who led the group.

“It is also energy efficient. As compared to existing system which uses up 1KW of energy, our system uses only 68 watts,” he said.

Funded by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology through the working group on internet governance, the data centre has been developed by Gigabit Networking Laboratory at IIT-B and will be rolled out by March 2011 in collaboration with MTNL. The joint data centre technology with MTNL was officially launched at IIT-B recently.

“The services will facilitate a low-cost option to send data and information services to the web with access from anywhere. For large enterprises, these would mean the ability to send information systems to a centralised location that is secure, fault tolerant and available. Smaller enterprises will be empowered to make use of the information technology revolution without the need to invest into complex and expensive IT systems and equipment,” said Gumaste.


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