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IITB students go off course in real world

Posted on: December 14, 2010

by Times Of India
Mumbai: Two years ago, mandatory work experience for students of IIT-Bombay was dropped from the premier institute’s curriculum.
Still, several students from the same batch now sitting for placements went out to work during the holidays, of their own accord, despite the fact that there were no credits for spending time in the industry.
In what could be described as a disconnect between what the academia thinks and how students feel, these short stints in research labs or corporate headquarters have translated into several pre-placement offers.
“More than 70% of the students graduating in 2011 said they had work experience,” said IIT-Bombay placement head Ravi Sinha.
Earlier, an eight-week internship for BTech and dualdegree students was mandatory at the end of the third and fourth year, respectively. But in 2008, academic authorities reviewed the kind of assignments that students got and concluded that most of them were interning with companies that were not associated with core engineering. Analysis had also revealed that about 60% of the students used to fly out to work as research assistants in universities abroad, or join international consultancy firms.
Following that report, IIT-B insisted that students work for Indian organizations. But later, after students reported that not all of them could get absorbed, internships were struck off the academic calendar altogether. “However, a large proportion of the students said that they went for summer training themselves. They got to understand corporate culture and how industries work. It was like a soft landing in the real world. They may have not learnt what was expected, but picked up several other important lessons,” added Sinha.


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