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Hiring wave sweeps into IIT campuses

Posted on: December 3, 2010

Mumbai: For an engineer, it’s a dream company, and on Thursday, not one but 25 fresh IIT-Bombay graduates received offer letters from it.
Till last year, if a student had an offer in hand, s/ he could not appear for a second interview at any of the premier tech schools. At IIT-Guwahati, the rule has just changed: If a high-profile company comes to the campus later in the placement season, an “alreadyplaced” graduate can still take a chance with it
Going by the above facts, the good times have surely returned to the IITs. Placements at the Indian Institutes of Technology are somewhat the bellwether of the recruitment season that will roll out on campuses across the country, and the last two days of the talent hunt gave compelling reasons to believe that corporate India is back on a big wild wave.
On Thursday night, several of the hostel rooms at Powai broke out in celebratory parties, with 25 students bagging their first jobs in the same firm. Ravi Sinha, the placement head of the Powai institute, however, declined to name the organization, probably because other companies in the same sector may call off their plans to come to the campus. “We have never ever had a most preferred company, an MNC from the technical sector, recruit so many students. Though this organization comes to the IIT-Bombay campus regularly, this year has been the best. It’s our big story of the day. Salary too is up by 15-20%,” Sinha told TOI on Thursday.
Besides, Sony Corporation sent a team from Japan and they hired seven students, offering each of them a global profile.
Even before Day 2 of placement had ended, more than 150 IIT-B students, most of them undergraduates, had already been absorbed. A total of 1,300 students have registered for placement this year. Apart from the companies that came last year, several have returned to the campus, after keeping low during the economic slump.
Saurabh Basu, placement head of IIT-Guwahati, said, “We have seen a revival in placements. Last year, 95 companies came through the long placement window; this time over a 100 companies have come. Although I don’t see much change in the salary component, the variable component is likely to be higher.” This year, a new rule was written on that campus: every IIT-G student was asked to name his/her dream company. “If he/she gets a job before that firm visits the campus, he/she will be allowed to appear for a second interview for that company,” Basu added.
An MNC in a highly specialized sector offered jobs to 25 students
Most computer science and engineering students have already been placed; at the end of the second day of placement, all 164 students of the department are likely to be absorbed by different firms
The companies are not only offering higher salaries than last year but are also taking in more students
In 2009, around 70 students got job offers on the first day, while this time, a similar number is being placed in just one session; two sessions are held daily


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