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Nostalgia gets Asha Bhosle back to rock IIT-B campus

Posted on: November 10, 2010

by Hindustan Times
Almost 30 years after she held the audience captive at the Indian Institute of Technology —Bombay campus, nostalgia has pulled Asha Bhosle back to the same campus. Bhosle has changed her plans to ensure that she can perform at Mood Indigo, the institute’s annual cultural festival. On December 20.

And the excitement on the campus is probably as high as it was in 1981, when Bhosle had performed along with RD Burman at the festival.

IITian Siddharth Bhandari’s iPod is, predictably, loaded with hard rock. But when he heard about Bhosle’s performance, he was thrilled. “She might not be someone I listen to every day but her songs are legendary,” said the 20-year-old. “I’ve heard my parents listening to her.”

Some things have changed, though. Bhosle will not be performing in the “popular” category as had earlier, but will be a “classic”.

“The classic concert at Mood-I gets little response from students. But this year, when Asha Bhosle is performing, the whole campus wants to attend,” said Aditi Jain, core group member, Mood-I.

The institute’s alumni too are queuing up for the concert. Soumil Srivatsan, who attended the 1981 concert, said: “It was a night that I can never forget. I will be most happy to re-live my college days.”


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