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IL&FS Education launches ‘Exploriments’ Portal at IIT-Bombay

Posted on: October 11, 2010

IL&FS Education, pioneers in education infrastructure in the country today announced the launch of its ‘Exploriments’ Portal, which focuses on developing conceptual understanding of Science and Mathematics. The portal, http://www.exploriments.com, inaugurated by Dr. Anil Kakodkar, (Chairman, Board of Governors, IIT-B and ex-Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission) at IIT-Bombay.

The portal, `Exploriments’, provide an interactive, exploratory and engaging experience. It will be available for secondary and higher secondary students and teachers

Dr. Arun Nigavekar, Raja Ramanna Fellow, Former Chairman, UGC and Former VC, Pune University, said, “though efforts are being put for developing technology tools for education, little has been done for improving conceptual understanding in Mathematics and Sciences, this could be one of the reasons for dropping enrolments in pure sciences. Exploriments would be a significant step in that direction.”

Girish Phatarphod, Pedagogy Architect of Exploriments Portal, explains, Exploriments are based on the ‘learning by doing’ approach and involves innovative and interesting approaches for understanding various concepts in Mathematics and Science. It encourages learners to actively participate in the learning process instead of being passive recipients. Besides gaining insights into core concepts, Exploriments, which allows students to learn and understand the conceptual clarity through interactive process, would help them in developing allied skills including problem-solving, analytical reasoning, data analysis and more.


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