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IIT-B study may help treat cancer

Posted on: October 7, 2010


Mumbai: The Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay is now trying to crack the human code by using proteomics. Researchers at the Powai campus are looking at ways to find protein biomarkers, which hold the secret to the complexities of the human body.
Technology by an American tech giant is being used by scientists at IIT-B to analyze vast amount of data generated by the experiments, as well as supports workshops to encourage more global studies in proteomics. Its study holds the promise for the discovery of new biomarkers that may form the foundation for new clinical blood tests, however, to date, contribution to the diagnostic armamentarium has been rather disappointing.
Proteomics experiments generate a flood of data in quick succession, and that requires high speed, high quality computers running specialised software for further analysis, which is now available at IIT-B.
“After decades of research, cancer is still very challenging to predict. We use proteomics to discover biomarkers, so the presence of cancer can be predicted in patients early and accurately,’’ said Dr Sanjeeva Srivastava, assistant professor at the IIT-B’s school of biosciences and bioengineering.
“We hope to discover protein biomarkers present when a tumour is developing, and study protein-todrug interactions. That will mean we can offer doctors a much more reliable basis for predicting and treating patients – particularly important for cancer patients with brain tumours, for example, where survival rates are very poor. If clinicians can predict the disease years before any clinical manifestation of cancer, then they’ll have a much better chance of treating it,’’ he added.


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