IITB Central Library 2.0 Service

Renewal (self) of Library Books

Posted on: July 16, 2010

Dear All,

We are pleased to inform you that the library users can now renew on-line the
books borrowed by them as per following :-

1. Faculty and staff who are entitled to borrow  books for a period of one Semester
can now renew (once more) the books for a period one more semester. This will
effectively mean that they can retain the needed books for 2 semesters without
bringing books back to the library.

2. Staff and Students who are entitled to  borrow books for 30 days can now renew
the books twice (once for 30 days). This will enable them to retain the books for 90
days without bringing books  back to the library.

3. The books which have been put on CLAIM by any other user(s), will have to be
returned back to the library on or before due date of return. These books will not be
issued online by the users themselves.

4. Renewal of books shall be done on or before the due date of return, else the fine
will start as per present library rules.

5. Please go to Library website — Click  Books Renewal (below Search Books)

6. The system will take you to ASC Page for authentication – enter your UserID and PW.

7. It will open you Library Account Page. A Renew bullet appears against each
borrowed book (right hand side). Select the book and press Renew. The system will
generate the new due date of return.

Suggestions welcome. Thank you.

Daulat Jotwani
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


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