IITB Central Library 2.0 Service

Personal books allowed for study at Central Library

Posted on: February 12, 2010

1.Student desiring to bring their personal books will be allowed to bring one book at a time during examination period
2.H/Sh e  has to enter the details of the book, his/her name  and roll no in the register kept at the library check point
3.Security Guard on duty will check the details entered in the register with the book and user’s ID card
4.Security Guard will assign serial number  for book and same number will be recorded register also which shall be stroked off when the book is taken out of library
5. It will be the sole responsibility of the user’s to take care of their books  inside the library. The library will not be responsible for misplacing or loss of personal book of any users
6. Users have to ensure that they take back their personal book same day when they will leave the library  and strike off the entry made in the register and s.l.number entered in the book
7.Security Guard on duty will check all users leaving the library carrying personal books and ensure that the corresponding entry in the register is properly stroked off.
8. Users have to get library books(borrowed by them) checked by the library staff at library check point
9. Users are advised to form a line and wait for their turn to get their books properly checked by Security/Library staff
10.This facility is being extended on trial basis for the duration of Mid-Sem examination from 12th Feb to 19th Feb 2010
11.Cooperation of all is solicited



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