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IIT-B takes stock, begins projects on war footing

Posted on: December 4, 2009

Mumbai: As the older Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) gear up to implement the last phase of the 27% OBC reservation next year, IIT Bombay is busy taking stock of its requirements.

The expansion plan committee, constituted earlier this year, has assessed the immediate needs and those of the next two years.

“The basic problem we are facing today is congestion in hostels,” said professor Dipan Ghosh, convener of the committee. “We have accommodation for 4,000 students as against 6,400 students currently. This number will go up to roughly 7,500 in 2010.”

IIT-B deputy director RK Shevgaonkar said some single rooms had to be ‘doubled’ to fit the students. “Accommodation is highly stressed now and that is why construction of new hostels or upgradation of existing ones is our priority,” he said. “A plan for a hostel for married students has also been sanctioned.”

IIT Bombay has also drawn up plans to tide over the faculty accommodation crunch.

“With a 485-member faculty now, we are short of accommodation. We rented 15 flats outside the campus for the first time in 2009.” The institute is building 128 additional flats.

Classrooms are another requirement. Among two major lecture hall complexes being built, one will be ready by January 2010 and another by the end of next year. “We have made core course class sizes smaller,” said Ghosh. He added that the situation will improve next year, but it will only be “acceptable” by 2012.

Mihika Basu / DNA
Wednesday, December 2, 2009 1:05 IST

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